From the Dashboard, Click on the Add Your Guests button

Or go to the Guests section on the Menu:

the following screen will be displayed:

All Guests

All the guest who have been invited will be displayed in the table above,"No records found" will be displayed if there are no guests invited 

Add Guests

Click on the New Guest button
The following screen will be displayed:

Fill in the Guest form, the Email and Cell Number will be used for sending invitations to your guests, Click on the Save button and do the same process again to add another guest.

**Note: After saving a guest, they will NOT get any form of automated invite. You can send them a link manually via SMS / Email.

You can upload multiple guests by downloading the Guest template

STEP1: Go to Menu and select 'Import Guest Spread Sheet'

STEP2: Click on the 'Download Guest List Spreadsheet Template' button:

STEP3: Open the spreadsheet by clicking on the download:

STEP4: Fill in the spreadsheet

**Please remember that the following all have drop down menus on the spreadsheet: Gender, Guest Type, Country, Plus One allowed, Children allowed.
If you do not use the drop down menu, the guest list upload will fail

STEP5: Save the file

STEP6: On the system click on the 'Choose' button at the 'Upload File', or click and drag the file over to the 'Upload' section and choose the template that has been edited:

After the file has successfully uploaded and processed you will see a table with an overview of your file.

In this table you will be able to see what rows are invalid due to text issues or that the guests has already been uploaded to your guest list.

To upload the guests, select the Guests you want to upload by click on the box to the left of the row.

* Please note: Rows that has issues will not be able to be selected to be uploaded to My Wedding Online. To be able to upload these guests please check that all the required details are valid and Upload the File again.

After you have selected all the Guests you want to Upload, click on the "Save Guests" button.

Once the Guests has been uploaded successfully you will be redirected to a screen where you will se how many rows was successful and how many rows failed.