This article will explain how to have a policy account number reflected on the cession certificate.

   Perform the following steps:

  • Capture an application. Please refer to this article on how to capture an application.

Select the desired application for which you want to add the policy account number to 

  • Click on the Credit Life policies tab. 
  • Click on the +New Credit Life Policy.
  • Create a new credit life policy, entering the cessionary name, cover anount, premium etc.

  • IN THE COMMENT FIELD, ENTER THE ACCOUNT NUMBER you wish to be displayed on the cession certificate.

  • Click save
  • After capturing other sections of the application such as: deduction authority, legal cover etc.
  • Submit the application. Please refer to this article on how to submit an application.

If it is a new application, set the stage type to submitted and click Save.

The system will auto-validate and generate the documents(cession certificate, participation certificate and advice record).



If the application has already been submitted,

  • In the +New Application Stage dialogue:
  • Set the stage type to draft
  • Click Save
  • Click on +New Application Stage again and set the stage type back to Submitted.
  • The system will then auto-validate again and generate the required documents
  • Select the latest cession certificate at the top.
  • In the Application Attachments section, click on the blue magnifying glass right next to the auto-generated cession certificate.

  • You may choose to preview or download 

Where V= is to preview and d= Download
  • Lets click on the PDF logo which enables us to preview the cession certificate.

  • The comment/ old policy reference displays the account number we entered while creating the credit life policy.