In this article we will explain all the relevant dashboard pages to the Office Agent access role.

The Dashboard allows the Office Agent to have a quick overview of the following aspects of a Work Order's Life Cycle:

  • Jobs that has been Dispatched
  • Jobs that are Currently on Hold
  • Jobs that has not been assigned to a Driver
  • Jobs that are completed
  • Jobs that has been Submitted to the Finance Office for Payment Processing
  • Jobs that has been unpaid

Dispatched Jobs:

The Dispatched jobs gives the office agent an overview of all current jobs that has been assigned to a driver. by looking at this Screen you can see all relevant information regarding the Job:

  1. You have a quick view at the Job Number
  2. Address of the Job
  3. When the Job is due to be completed
  4. The Estimate time the Job will be completed by
  5. The Vehicle that is out with the Driver to complete the Job
  6. You can with the click of one button add a hold to the Job when needed.

On Hold Jobs:

Looking at this page you can see al the Jobs that are currently put on hold.

Unassigned Jobs:

Under the Unassigned Jobs pane you have the ability to see what drivers are available and what Unassigned Jobs are due for today. This makes it easier to plan out your day.

From the Available Drivers pane you can also see the driver's latest location and flag your driver if they are on leave for that day.

When on the Unassigned View you will also see important information regarding the work order as well as comments added to the Work Order and the latest communication with theĀ 

Completed Jobs:

On the Completed Jobs you can see all the Jobs that are completed for your company, the Date the job was completed and the Driver with the Vehicle that went out to complete the job.

Submitted to Finance:

Under the Submitted to finance pane, you can see the jobs that are completed and submitted to finance to create Invoice for the Client and keep track of the payments:

Unpaid Jobs:

The unpaid Jobs pane shows a list of jobs that has no payment or Invoice Linked to the Job. Once a Invoice has been linked to a job, the job gets moved to the 'Submitted to Finance' pane that keeps track of the Job's payment statuses.