How to add information to your homepage:

The homepage is the first page that your guests will see. To add information to your homepage, simply follow the steps:


On your Dashboard, scroll down to the bottom,  My Website's Pages, as shown in the screenshot below:

Just beneath each of the labels (such as Homepage, OurStoryPage, etc), there is a checkbox with the name Visible
Clicking on this box makes that page visible. Leaving it blank makes it invisible, or it hides it from your Wedding Website.

STEP2: Click on Homepage. The following screen will be displayed:

STEP3: Click on the Edit Button

STEP4: Simply edit the details on the home page


Page Heading: Enter your unique home page heading here. You can customize your home page text. For example:
Welcome, Home Page, etc.

We have saved the Home page heading as Welcome:

Personal Message: Enter your personal message here. For example: "Join Us as we celebrate this auspicious occasion together".

Homepage Photo: Upload a beautiful photo you would like to add to your homepage.

Youtube Video ID: Add a youtube video ID if you wish, this will be shown on the home page

Remeber to click on the Save button once you have added information to your homepage. 

To view your changes, click on the View my site button by your left-hand corner.