To Upgrade your package using PayPal, follow the steps below:

STEP1: On your Dashboard page, click on the button, Upgrade Package. 

STEP2: The following screenshot will be displayed: 


CURRENCY: This is set as International - USD- PayPal. 

PACKAGE: Select the package you would like to purchase. The options are shown in the screenshot below:

TERM: Select the duration of the package. There is a once-off term, which you get the package for the full duration. For example,on purchasing the platinum package, it will be valid for 18 months as described in the screenshot below:

SMS BUNDLES: Select the amount of amount of SMSes you would like to purchase

CUSTOM DOMAIN NAME: Select if you would like to purchase a custom domain name. Purchasing this will remove the link of to whatever name you would like. For example, 

Note that: The custom domain name feature is only available in the platinum package. 


Click on Secure Checkout

You will then be re-directed to confirm your paypal details.