My wedding online has in-built WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get).  Meaning that whatever text you enter in this editor, the same result is displayed on your website. This include font-size, colour, text formatting, text-aligning, super and subscripts, hyperlink and number bullets point.

The What you see is what you get editor looks like this:


With this editor, you can display the texts on your website the way you want it to be. 

  • Please note that the what you see is what you get editor only applies to your website pages such as:

Home, Our Story, Wedding Party, RSVP, Blog, Photo Box, Gift Basket, Playlist, Wedding Details and Contact Us.

Basically, this editor has to do with the part of your website where you have to enter the text physically. For example, describing how you met.

Let's apply the What you see is what you get editor to the Homepage, and then increase the font and add sample texts. Perform the following steps below:

  • Click on Home page in the My Website's Pages Section.

  • The following will be displayed:

  • Click on the Edit Button. This is located at the top-right-hand-corner.
  • The following will be displayed.

  • As explained earlier, the what you see is what you get editor can only be applied to text fields. 
  • The what you see is what you get editor is displayed in the personal message field.
  • Click on the text.
  • Enter your personal message.
  • Then, highlight everything by dragging your mouse from the start to end point or by simply hitting Ctrl A. That is holding down your control key and pressing the letter A.
  • The following will be displayed.

  • To increase the font, click on the TT function:

  • You should see a drop down of numbers displayed in different sizes like this:

  • Select the preferred size. In this article, we will select size 5.
  • Upon selecting the size, the text of that field should automatically be increased.

  • Click the Save button.
  • Click the View My Site.

  • The font has been increased.
To add a colour to the text, simply click on the   button
A list of colours will be loaded in the drop-down 
  • Select the preferred colour and hit the Save button.
  • Click on View my Site