When Logging on to Locker Solutions for the first time you will be greeted with the "Locker Solutions | Overview" guide, you can at any stage stop the guide and continue on with this article. 

Locker Solutions | Overview

When logged in you will be on the Locker Dashboard. From the Dashboard you can either

  1. Book a Locker
  2. Report Maintenance

On the Dashboard you see a small overview of:

        3. Maintenance/Incidents you logged on Lockers

        4. Locker Subscriptions you have booked

Book a Locker Subscription

When booking a Locker you will be greeted with three Panels

  1. Your information
  2. Child/Locker Information
  3. Panel of all available lockers

**When trying to book a locker and you cannot select a locker for the specific type of Locker, you will be added to the Locker Waiting list. When you are on the Locker Waiting List you will be emailed as soon as a Locker of that Locker type opens.

After you booked a locker an email with the EFT details will be sent to your mailbox. Please check your inbox and make the payment. **If you do not get the Email, please check your Spam folder.

Once you have completed the payment you can upload the proof of payment to the System and the Subscription will be active.

Allocate Subscription Payment

When you have booked the locker and paid for the subscription, you can upload the Proof of Payment so that the System can automatically allocate the payment to the Subscription.

  1. Locate the Subscription you want to allocate the Proof of Payment to and click on the Plus button
  2. Attach the Proof of Payment and Click on the "Process" button to allocate the Payment

**Once the System has completed validating the payment, the subscription will become active.

Change Lockers

During a year subscription, you will be able to change the locker twice (2) per year.

  1. Locate the Subscription you want to change the locker on and click on the Pencil button
  2. Select the locker you want to change to click on the "Update Locker Now" button

Locker Solutions Guides

These three major processes has a guide associated with them, you can at any stage stop the guide and continue on at a later stage

  1. Click on the Main Menu button on the left of the screen
  2. Click on the "Help" button
  3. Select the Guide you want to see again
    • How to use Locker Solutions
    • How to book a Subscription
    • How to allocate a Payment
    • How to change your Locker

Alternatively you can watch the video for a quick run through of the system.