The RSVP section of your website helps you to confirm whether or not your invited guests will be attending the event.

  • Click on the link in the SMS/Email you received. Alternatively, you can copy and paste the link in your web browser.
  • This link will open the website.

  • Should the website be protected by a Pass Code, the Pass Code number will be included in the email you've have received.

  • Click on the check box (I'm not a robot) as a security measure.

Click on the RSVP Menu item on the website to navigate to the RSVP page.

  • Enter the first three characters of your name and your name will pop-up.
  • Select your name in the result screen as shown below.

  • Two check boxes (a round selection ball) will appear.
  • Select the one that suits you - Attending Yes /Attending No.
  • Enter any comments and food allergies and special requests, if applicable.

  • If the event organizer granted you permission to bring children or a plus-one, you will then see spaces to include children's names and plus one's details.
  • This will only be visible if you select that you will be attending the event

  • If you do select the option "I am bringing a plus-one: Yes", the following fields will appear, where you can enter the plus-one's details.

  • Click on the Save RSVP button to complete the RSVP process.