To send your website link to your guests, follow the steps below.

  • On the Dashboard, navigate to the Send SMS or Send Email buttons.

  • Click on Send Email. You should see the following New Guest Email table.
  • You can now customize your email.
  • The website link will automatically show in the Message field.

  • On the Recipients field, you can select who can see the link to your website. When you click All Guests, this email is sent to all your guests (every guest you created on your list).

  • After selecting the category of guests whom can see your link, you can also add Additional Recipients to the list. This is done in case you forgot to add the guest at the initial stage.
  • Then enter the Subject of the mail.
  • Also add a message to the Message field. You can enter additional text just below your website link.
  • You can also add two attachments. For example, a picture you want all your guests to see.
  • Then click on Send and your guests will receive the email.

It is through this email that your guests can easily RSVP to your event. This is because they would need the link to be able to access the RSVP feature on your website.