You can upload multiple guests by downloading the Guest template

STEP1: Go to Menu and select 'Import Guest Spread Sheet'

STEP2: Click on the 'Download Guest List Spreadsheet Template' button:

STEP3: Open the spreadsheet by clicking on the download:

STEP4: Fill in the spreadsheet

**Please remember that the following all have drop down menus on the spreadsheet: Gender, Country, Plus One allowed, Children allowed.
If you do not use the drop down menu, the guest list upload will fail

STEP5: Save the file

STEP6: On the system click on the 'Choose' button at the 'Upload File' section and choose the template that has been edited:

The following success message will appear in the right hand corner:

If there are problems with the guest upload, the system will generate a 'failed row' spreadsheet that will explain what is wrong with each row:

Fix the problems and re-upload the spreadsheet