Click on the heading Get Started

The following screen will be displayed:

From the above screen, there are fields:

SITE MAIN HEADING: This is the main heading of your website and will be displayed on every page. The site main heading is Test Bache.

PASS CODE REQUIRED: The pass code required helps in limiting access to your website. When guests view your website, they will be prompted to enter the unique passcode. This passcode will automatically be set by the system. To enable this feature tick the box as shown in the screenshot below: 

Note: You will only be able to view the passcode phrase when you click on the save button located below the edit your website form.

THEME: Select your desired theme here. Upon clicking on the drop down, a list of in-built themes will be displayed.

MY UNIQUE WEBSITE NAME (PART OF URL): Here you can customize your unique website name. From the above, it is 20239. This means that the url being sent to the guest will read the following:

WEBSITE LANGUAGE: This is your preferred choice of language in which you would like your website to be viewed in. Select your choice of language.

EVENT DATE: This is the date of the event. Upon clicking Save, it will be displayed on both the header and footer.