Register your School:

To Have your school listed on Locker Solutions, you will have to contact the Sales team at:

Initial Setup:

Once we have created your instance on Locker Solutions you will have to setup the following information:

  1. Types of Lockers
  2. Bank Account for all payments
  3. Terms and Conditions Document
  4. Administrator Email (When Communication has to be made to Admin Personnel)
  5. Ability to Share the Locker with friends

To change any of these settings:

  • Login to Locker Solutions
  • Click on the Main Menu 
    • Under the "Admin" sub menu
    • Click on the "Preferences" menu item


    •  Click on the "New Preference" button to start the Initial Setup

    • Start by adding our Bank Account Details where the payments will have to be paid in
    • Upload Terms and Conditions by clicking on the "+ Choose" and uploading the Terms And Conditions document
    • Enter the admin communication email address
    • Check the box for "Share Lockers" if you want the users to able to share the locker with their friends or family.