In many cases, the proxy of the business will not be the one who uploads vehicles or do the administration regarding vehicle license renewals. In such a case there is an easy way to add multiple users to have access to the system in order to do these type of tasks.

Adding additional Users:

1. On the company dashboard, in the 'Company Actions' section, select the 'Add New Users' option.

2. Enter the User's personal details:

  • User Name
  • User Surname
  • User Contact Number
  • User Email

3. When you have entered all the User's information, click on the 'Save User' button.

To view Users with access to your system:

To view or deactivate the user that you have added, select the 'View Users' option in the Companies Action section of your dashboard.

The Users with access to your system will now be visible on the dashboard.

Note: when a user has been created, they will receive an email with a temporary password which expires after 48 hours of activation if the user has not logged into the system before the password has expired.