Company information

The Licenseza website is owned by FJFA Trading Pty (Ltd) also referred to as “the Company”, a South-African based company with registration number 2017/461687/07. The primary business activity is listed as 2017/461687/07.

The Company will assist consumers in obtaining their renewed vehicle licence disk and also to negotiate vehicle fines is applicable

The registered business and domicile address of the entity is recorded as

Registered Business address                                                                           Registered Postal address

1 Von Backstrom Boulevard                                                                               1 Von Backstrom Boulevard

Silver Lakes                                                                                                         Silver Lakes

Pretoria                                                                                                                Pretoria

0081                                                                                                                     0081

The entity contact details are recorded as follow:

Tel: 012 880 2350

Email: info@licenceza.co.za

Customer service Policy

The consumer has access to our friendly agents once they registered online. For any customer related queries you can email our support centre on info@licenceza.co.za

Privacy Policy and Protection of Personal Information

The Company will strive to protect all personal information (as defined in the Promotion of Access to Information Act 2 of 2000 PAIA) at all time as part of our Privacy Policy.

Providing of goods and services policy

The Company will assist consumers in obtaining their renewed vehicle licence disk and also to negotiate vehicle fines is applicable “the service to be performed for which a service fee as defined in the pricing policy will be levied”

Even though the Company endeavour to take full responsibility to ensure that the service is satisfactory rendered once payment is received, the consumer must be cognisant of the fact that the Company does not have control over delayed responses from external parties such as the Post office or other Government entities.

Pricing Policy

In return of a service rendered by which licenceza will obtain a licence disk and / or negotiate traffic fines on behalf of the consumer with the registration authorities, the Company will levy the following fee:

Gauteng                                                                                                                R 108.00

Limpopo registered vehicles and deliveries outside of Gauteng                         R 240.00

The above service fees for services rendered are quoted in South-African rand, valid for 5 calendar days from enquiry and excludes vat @ 15%. The pricing excludes any statutory costs levied by the registration authority. Payment will be made upon invoice presented by the Company.

Export Pricing and Policy

Not applicable as this service is only available to South-African citizens

Refunds and cancellation Policy

Should the consumer wish to cancel the transaction, the Company will refund 95% of the service fees to the consumer. The consumer agrees that he/she will forfeit this service fee in the event that the service and transaction was concluded and licence disk already obtained. The consumer further acknowledges that no refunds in terms of statutory fees will be made if such fees were already paid to the registration authorities. The transaction can be cancelled and no service fees will be forfeited, permitted that such cancellation be effected via email to the support centre within 12 hours of the service request being made by the consumer.