When using RenewIT there is a specific process to follow to do Vehicle License Renewal effectively. Here is a small overview of the RenewIT system.


  1. This is the 'Main Menu' you will find business logic menu items in this list as well as reports and the support links
  2. This is the 'Dashboard Menu' each of these menu items, is a different view that will be used in the renewal process
  3. This is your own Personal Registration Link. You can send this link to your customers, and when they register using this link, their Licence Renewals will be linked to your profile. You can copy this link to your clipboard by simply clicking on the link
  4. This is the amount of renewals that is waiting to be processed by you
  5. This is the amount of renewals that you have submitted an invoice for and have not yet been paid
  6. This is the amount of renewals that have been paid and is ready for you to renew at the South African Post Office
  7. This is the amount of renewals that you have completed in total

Dashboard (Cont'd):

  1. By clicking on the 'Download Renewals List' button you will download a list of Licence Renewals that is required to take to the Post Office
  2. You can click on this button to send an email to all that has not yet paid their Licence Renewal fee to remind them to make a payment
  3. By Clicking on this button, it will generate a Renewal pack for all Licence Renewals that is ready for Licensing. The pack includes the following, in the same order:
    • Front Page For specific Renewal
    • Mandate Document Signed by the Vehicle Owner
    • Filled in ALV-9 Form
    • Uploaded/ Legally generated ID Document
  4. When you have taken the print list generated when clicking on button 1, you will receive R161 Documents for all renewals, once received you can upload the R161 Document by clicking on this button
  5. Future: When approved you will be able to upload fines for each vehicle, and will also be able to process the fines for users
  6. This button will allow you to send bulk emails to licence renewals with a certain latest status
  7. This Button will allow you to save the Tracking number on the Licence Renewal.
  8. This is a graph that showcases the total licence renewals that has been registered and linked to your Sales Rep Code in comparison to the previous months total registrations


When a R161 Document is uploaded and it is successfully linked to a Licence Renewal, an Invoice will be Generated and will be sent to the Vehicle Owner for payment. To view all Licence Renewals that is awaiting payment, you would want to view the 'Finance' view:

  1. This is the list of Licence Renewals that has been set to the status of awaiting Payment
    • You can select some of the licence renewals or all of them and mark them as paid or not
  2. When Licence Renewals has been selected you can manually allocate them as paid by clicking on this button
  3. Currently we Support a FNB Bank Statement that can be uploaded to the System.
    • When Uploading the proof of payment the system will try and find an invoice link to a payment reference used
    • This is why it is important that clients use the Invoice Reference as the payment reference

Ready For Shipping:

  1. This is the list of Licence Renewals that is ready for Renewal.
    • This means that is has a payment linked and that there is no blockers
    • You can select some or all renewals to create a Waybill for
  2. When clicking on this button a waybill will be created for all selected licence renewals and the renewal will be set as shipped to the Vehicle Owner