To activate a package on My Wedding Online as an Admin User you can follow this instructions:

  1. Login to My Wedding Online using your Email address and Password:
  2. Search for the Wedding Instance using the email address the user used to register on My Wedding Online:
    • Enter the Email in the "Created By" text field
    • Then Click on the "Select" button
  3. When on the Dashboard of the Wedding Instance
    1. Click on the "Main Menu" icon
    2. Click on the "Admin Purchase" menu icon
  4. Then on the Admin Purchase Page:
    1. Select the Package that has been purchased
    2. Select the Term
    3. Select Message Bundles if required
    4. Select the Domain name if required
    5. Select if there is help needed with the creation of the website
    6. Select if the Domain should be invoiceable to the Client or not
    7. Click on the "Buy as Administrator" button