Each task manager process represents a business process e.g. the debt review application process. Smaller or repetitive processes can also be setup as separate process and initiated by the main process e.g. sending the proposal to the creditors (which is a task in the main process) can initiate a new process e.g. upload proposal response per creditor or rework of proposal for selected creditors.

How to create a new process

On Task Manager sub tab, click on the + New Process button in the Process Flow section

Note that all the tasks of the active process (in this case the default process) will load on the new process by default, allowing the user to quickly apply changes without having to create the process from scratch. 

Should you wish to create a new process based on a different process, please click on the Clone Process icon next to the desired process

Enter a name and short description for your process

And select a trigger (system event) that will start this process

E.g. The capture application process will start at task 1 when a new consumer is created in Finwise (either by manual capture or through integration )

Next, you can define the process flow by editing or deleting the existing tasks, or by adding a new tasks.

Click on the Submit button to save any changes made to the process.

Additional Notes: 

  • Ensure that you always start with step no 1
  • Duplicate step numbers are used to indicate steps that start simultaneously
  • Ensure that your step numbers increment by 1, don't skip any numbers (e.g. 1, 2,2,4)
  • A tasks will be executed in numerical order i.e. step no 5 will be executed after step no 4 irrespective of where in the process flow it is listed
  • Use the Sort button above the Step No column to order the numbers ascending 
  • Each step number must have at least 1 task marked as "Causes progress" to ensure that process continues to the next step number and does not stop due to an alternative root selected.

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