Work pools are used to group users doing a similar task in the process flow. Each step in the process flow must be assigned to a work pool. Users however may belong to more than one work pool.

E.g.  Resource 1 and 2 capture the application details and resource 1 and 3 are allowed to verify (QA) the application. Therefore Resource 1 and 2 will be assigned to "Capture App" work pool and Resource 1 and 3 will be assigned to "QA App" work pool. Note that Resource 1 is now linked to two work pools.

How to create a new work pool

On Task Manager sub tab, click on the + New Work Pool button in the Work Pools section

Enter a name and description for the work pool - see example below

Assign users to the work pool by selecting the user in the Unassigned Users list and click on Add >> button to move the user to the Assigned Users list.

Click on the << Remove button if you wish to remove a user from the Assigned Users list.

Note that selecting the "Is supervisor work pool" tick box will allow the users assigned to this pool to view all the tasks across all the work pools for this branch.

Now click on the Submit button to create the work pool with the assigned users