Release version:     MIO V1.5

Release date:           2021.04.13

Release status:        Scheduled for deployment 13/04/2021


  • MIO-41- Theme Preview Images not showing on Theme Form

Themes with a " ' " in the name did not show on the Theme Preview Images e.g. Don't Tell

New Features:

  • MWO-511 - What's new icon

A new icon has been added to the Dashboard page. Please click on this link to open the new Version Release Notes folder on the MIO support portal.


  • MIO-39- Fix needed as a result of Lazy Loading

The loading function of the Budget items and Check list items have been improved 

  • MIO-33- Login Page Update

Layout and styling changes 

  • MIO-34 - Registration email improvements 

Improved wording and links on registration email template

  • MIO-36 - Improve spacing and layout on all pages

The spacing and layout of all the pages were reviewed and improved to ensure a information is displayed correctly e.g. the flip clock in the below image will now fix into one line and not break over two lines

  • MIO-36 - Added budget and checklist menu items

My Event Budget and My Event Checklist was added to the menu tree for quick reference. These menus were only available on the dashboard.