Task Manager Dashboard

Menu item Dashboards | Task Manager Dashboard

A separate tab will display for each branch associated with the logged in user

The dashboard consist of 4 sections:

  1. Process task widgets section 
  2. Process detail section
  3. Calendar section
  4. Custom Task view section

Process task widgets section

Each task in the process flow is represented by a blue widget on the dashboard, while the green widget represents custom tasks created and assigned to the logged in user.

The title of the widget relates to the name of the task in the process flow setup and the number indicates the number of active tasks that exists.

Note: The number of widgets displayed on the dashboard is limited to the number of process flow tasks assigned to work pools to which the logged in user belong. 

E.g. If user Chris belong to work pool "Clerks" which is assigned to 4 steps in the process flow, he will only see 4 blue widgets on his dashboard.

Click on the View Details link to view a list of all the tickets in this process flow task, in the Process Detail section

Process detail section

A list of all the active tasks will be displayed in the process detail section of the selected widget


Note: The name of the selected task will be displayed in the heading of the process detail section

Task highlighted with a red background is overdue i.e. the Due Date is in the past.

Click on the Apply filter button to display the filter options as well as an export in Excel format.

Note: The export function will include all the records in the table and not only the 10 displayed on the screen. If applicable first apply your selected filters by clicking on the Search button, before you click on the Export Excel button

Click on the Action icon at the end of the record to view the linked consumer (if applicable)

Calendar section

Active tasks are also displayed in the calendar section. Blue task represent tasks linked to a process flow and green tasks represent custom tasks, same as the color coding in the Process task widget section.

The custom tasks are displayed on the calendar on the due date, while the blue process tasks are always displayed on today's date.

Click on the blue process flow task in the calendar to open the task in the Process detail section. 

Custom tasks will open in the Custom task view section on select

Custom task view section

Custom tasks will open in the Custom task view section when selected in the calendar view

A View Consumer option will be visible if a consumer is linked to the custom task

Note: You need to view the task on the consumer in order to complete or cancel it. However if no consumer is linked to the custom task you will be able to complete the task on this screen.