The Multiple Vehicle Upload function allows a user to upload several vehicles all at once by using an upload function rather than manually uploading the vehicles one by one which can be time consuming and laborious.

This function offers the user the ability to upload multiple vehicles by using a Vehicle Import Template that can be downloaded, populated and uploaded to the system in a seamless fashion.

To upload multiple vehicles, complete the following steps:

  1. Log in as an individual user on the RenewIT system, navigate to the 'Main Menu' and select the 'Upload Multiple Vehicles' option.

  2. The Vehicle Import Dashboard will now be displayed. Before importing vehicles, make sure that you have downloaded  the "Vehicle Import Template" first as illustrated below:

    *Please note that the following cells need to be populated in the Vehicle Import Template otherwise the Multiple Vehicle Upload will not work:

    - Licence Number
    - Register Number
    - Expiry Date
    - Make
    - Owner Name
    - Owner Email
    - Cell Number

  3. When uploading the Vehicle Import Template, click on the 'Choose' button, browse and select the Vehicle Import File that you want to upload:

  4.  Once the Vehicle Import Template has been uploaded, click on the 'Save' button:

  5. If your Vehicle Import Template was uploaded successfully, you will receive a notification that the upload was successful:

  6. Navigate back to your dashboard, you will be required to sign a mandate that states that you give permission that a representative from your chosen vehicle license renewal company may renew your vehicle licenses on your behalf:

  7. After you have signed the mandate, the vehicles that you have uploaded will now be visible on your dashboard.