[RNEW-355] - Annual Renewal Tares

Users who are receiving their annual renewal reminders will now be able to add their license disks as well as complete their vehicle tare field.

[RNEW-301] - Excel File for Packs

A Microsoft Excel file can now be downloaded with the "Print Renewal Pack" function once the IBD has made the payments and the invoice status is set to "Sent to SAPO".


[RNEW-331] - Month End Mails

Month-End mails than confirms that an invoice has been cancelled has been removed and the following text has been added to the bottom of every invoice generated:

"Please note that the Department charges penalties after the 21 day grace period has ended, and every month thereafter. Should this invoice or your payment fall over this period, the invoice amount might change and a new invoice will need to be generated."

[RNEW-319] - OCR Time

Issues were encountered as to why the OCR process was taking long when uploading a vehicle license disk or driver's license. The OCR time is now improved and loads images faster.