Bug Fixes

RNEW-339 - Annual Reminder Dates

The annual expiry dates are now set to the previous renewal date of the following year.

RNEW-361 - Message Counters

Message counters on the dashboard will now be able to reset back to zero after the logged in user has read the message.

RNEW-371 - No pack or add renewal cost available

There was an error on the eNats JHB instance where the back-end user was able to download the excel list with regards to their license packs, but the physical packs were not available to be downloaded as PDF files.  This error has now been fixed.

RNEW-381 - Tare BT24WBGP

A vehicle was loaded onto the RenewIT system, but the vehicle's weight (Tare) was interpreted by the system incorrectly and an incorrect amount was loaded.

An investigation was conducted into the system's OCR function as well as human intervention.

RNEW-383 - Sign Mandate screen keeps in repeating for this instance on PROD

Instance User CA LUBBE was not able to sign a mandate for their loaded vehicle. This caused by template that were incorrectly loaded to the user's Industry Discount Beneficiary. The correct templates were uploaded and the user was able to sign the vehicle's mandate.

RNEW-387 - Issues on eNats invoice

The following errors was fixed when the RenewIT system generates an invoice:

  • VAT is now included on the invoice
  • The account holder name is now eNats Online.
  • The physical address is now corrected on the invoice.


RNEW-396- Renewal Cancelled

A minor spelling error was fixed when the system generates an email when the user cancels a license renewal.

RNEW-402 - Lapsed Invoices Broken

The Manage Lapsed Invoice function was broken on the RenewIT system which prevented IDB's from allocating payments to invoices that are lapsed.


New Features

RNEW-131 - Send email notification on renewal cancellation

Functionality was implemented for Industry Discount Beneficiaries and  Vehicle Owners to receive a notification when the vehicle's renewal is cancelled.


RNEW-356 - Validation on Vehicle Tare Field

Validation was implemented when the user registers a vehicle to stop the process when a user has not entered or captured the vehicle tare, thus a registration will not be completed if the vehicle tare field is empty or has a value of zero.

Validation was also rechecked and tested on the following fields:

  • Expiring / Expired License Disk
  • License Expiry Date
  • License Number
  • Register Number
  • Make
  • Vehicle Tare
  • Chassis Number

RNEW-379 - Banking Details on Invoice Template for eNats JHB

The banking details were updated on the Invoice Templates for eNats JHB as shown in the image below:

RNEW-380 - Downloading Files

When downloading new renewal packs, it seems that the user has to download the pack first, then the Excel file. When the user downloaded the Excel file first, causes the pack to not be available anymore.

A message was added to the button to let the Industry Discount Beneficiary know that this download will update the renewal's status and a duplicate fragment was also removed.

RNEW-384 - Add a non compulsory field to add additional documents on Vehicle Information Screen



Terms and Conditions are added to to sign vehicle mandate screen to inform the user that RenewIT is POPI Compliant and conducts their business in accordance with the POPIA Act of South Africa.


RNEW-194 - Change mandate doc heading

Modified the Company Mandate Template so that it now reads "Mandate & Proxy Document". This isonly applicable to companies and not individual users.

[RNEW-284] - Default Values on Registration Pages

Added additional placeholders on registration (updating personal information after initial registration and first login) page.

[RNEW-313] - Improve new expiry date calculation

New invoice expiry date calculation have been implemented based on the following rule set:

If expiry date =< end of previous month then New expiry date = end of previous month + 1 year

If expiry date > end of previous month and <= end of current month then New expiry date = end of current month + 1 year

If expiry date > end of current month then New expiry date = end of next month + 1 year