As a profile owner, you can also apply for a the renewal of a vehicle license of a vehicle which you don't own, e.g. your spouse or relative's vehicle, or your own vehicle which is still in your parent's name.  Please note that this vehicle must be privately owned and can not be registered to a company. This function is also only available to profiles registered to an individual and will not be visible on a company's profile.

To load a vehicle and register a new renewal complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to your main profile and click on the "Add Additional Vehicle Owner" button on the dashboard, notice your existing vehicle information is already populated on the dashboard.

  2. Complete all the required fields on the New Vehicle Owner screen and additional fields if you wish and click on the "Save" button.

  3. After you have clicked the "Save" button on the previous screen, the system will generate and send an email to the Secondary Vehicle Owner that contains his/her username and password and a link to the RenewIT system to log in.

    The primary user will also be able to update the Secondary Vehicle Owner's ID document as well as adding a vehicle on the Secondary Vehicle Owner's behalf.

  4. You can also verify the Secondary Vehicle Owner's details by clicking on the Vehicle Owners side menu item, the latest vehicle owner added will always be displayed at the top of the list.

  5. When you click on the "Add New Vehicle" button, the system will open the vehicle information screen as shown below, note there is a slight difference, the Vehicle Owner field is not a manual text input field as per normal registration procedure, but rather a dropdown list containing the name of the Primary Vehicle Owner and the names of the Secondary Vehicle Owners as indicated by the image below:

  6. Select the Secondary Vehicle Owner's name from the dropdown list and continue the registration process as per normal procedure, after you have completed the registration the vehicle allocated to the secondary vehicle owner will be visible on the dashboard. A sign mandate email will be sent to the Secondary Vehicle Owner that will request them to open a link and sign a mandate that will contain their signature.

  7. You have not successfully added a Secondary Vehicle Owner with a renewal allocated to him/her.


  1. The Secondary Vehicle Owner, when logged in, will not be able to add vehicle owner beneficiaries of their own.