This article includes common issues with the short term insurance system and workarounds or fixes. If your issue is not answered here, please contact support.

A dropdown menu has not been populated correctly

All of the dropdown menus on the quoting page are retrieved from Telesure, so the connection may cause issues on occasion. To fix it, click the Clear Cache button at the top right of the page, and refresh your browser window.

Consent has not been given

Please remember to tick the "Does contact consent to performing a credit check?" box under General Quote Fields.

Contact information is not pulling through after modifying it

If, for example, you change the contact's voluntary excess amount, remember to click the Save Contact Information button at the bottom of the Policy Holder section.

SASRIA calculation has failed

This sometimes occurs when multiple vehicle/non-vehicle premiums are calculated at the same time. A workaround is to calculate the premium for each asset separately before adding it to your quote. Another case where this may happen is if SASRIA is not supported for your current asset; try turning off SASRIA under General Quote Details.

Short term insurance agent dashboard is missing

You may not have the right access role. Ask your administrator to assign the Short Term Insurance Agent role to you.

Where to find PDF quotes

Your generated quote PDF can be found by clicking View Details next to a quote on your dashboard. If the PDF is not present, or you want to regenerate it, click the Generate New PDF button.