by Clariza Prinsloo


The Court Pack Indices allows for the governance to the Court (Magistrate) Pack Structure. 

The Court Pack Index is controlled globally, for all instances unless specified not to in the Instance Preferences. The Preference Use Global Court Pack Index has a default true value.

In the Preferences the value can be set to false, which will enable the Instance specific court pack.  The Instance can then specify an Index according to their needs.

If users choose to make use of an Instance specific pack a copy of the global pack will be made available on their instance, they can then edit it.

Set the Preference to use the Instance Specific Court Pack Index

  1. Navigate to the instance preferences, on the main menu click on Preferences and then Preferences again. 

  1. If you see that no preference is set up for the instance click on “add new preference” be sure to leave the “Use Global Court Pack Index” tick box blank to disable it. Click on the save button

  2. If a Preference is already set up, click on the edit button and set the “Use Global Court Pack Index” to disabled by leaving the tick box blank. Click on the save button.