by Clariza Prinsloo

The Fields on the Instance Specific Court Pack explained

The new global court pack index is a copy of the instance specific court pack so the fields contained in the two entities are similar except for the enabled field.

Field Name




Attorney Case Type

Drop Down List, with the option to add more. 


Specifies in what type of case this document index should be used.

Index Group

Select One Menu Drop Down


Describes the file group the documents will be listed under. This will display in the generated index list


Boolean Field


Enables or disables the specific index item in the pack


Number Spinner Input


Dictates where in the index and document the documents will be listed. The highest rank will be listed first.

Annexure Code



Will display after the index group as the index label in the generated court pack documents. 

Document Templates

Select Many Drop Down


The different types of documents that will be linked to the document index item. These documents will display in the court pack under the listed index item at the specified rank.

Edit the Instance Specific Court Pack Index

  1. On the main menu scroll down to the Admin section,  open the Admin sub-menu if you scroll down you will be able to see the Menu Item “Instance Specific Court Pack Index”. Click on it. (Note that the Global Court Pack Index in not visible anymore)

  1. Here you will see an already populated list on Index Items. 

  2. To Edit an item:

    1. Click on the blue arrow next to the line item. 

    2. Click on the edit button, then edit the index item as required on the form. 

  1. Once everything is filled in click on the save button.

  1. To remove an index item: 

    1. Click on the blue arrow next to the line item. 

    2. Click on the delete button next to the edit button and confirm in the confirmation dialog. 

  2. To create a new index item:

    1. On the Index List click New Court Pack Index, fill in all of the required fields and click on the save button.