What is a "Document Recipient" ?

In plain English, a document recipient is someone who will receive a document, like a contract or a form, through Doci's online portal. This allows them to review, sign, or approve the document, as well as provide any additional information that might be needed.

What does the fields for a "Document Recipient" mean/do?

  • The "Role Name" is just a way to identify the "Document Recipient".

  • The "Request Type" is what the Document Recipient is requested to action on the portal. For example, a Client needs to SIGN a document through the portal.

  • The "Recipient Order" is used to specify in which order a document recipient will be allowed to action the request on the portal. If a recipient with a lower number still needs to action the portal, the other recipients will not be able to action theirs before they are done. For example, a recipient "Client" will need to sign the document through the portal first before the "Manager" needs to sign the same document. In this case, the "Client" will typically recieve a "Recipient Order" of "1" and then the "Manager" will recieve a "Recipient Order" of "2". *Notice you can assign the same "Recipient Order" to multiple Document Recipients, which will allow those recipients to action the portal at the same time as the others with the same "Recipient Order".