What is a "Document Field" ?

A document field is a field that you typically already have a value for. For example, I already know the recipient's name and surname so it can be placed on the document via a "Document Field". Document Fields are best utilised on generic documents that can be reused for multiple people. Instead of creating a seperate document per person, rather have the Document Field with the value and placed on the document for you.

What does the fields for a "Document Field" mean/do?

  • The "Field Name" is used to easily identify the specific document field.
  • The "Field Value" is the text value for the document field.
  • The "Font Type" allows you to specify the font of the text.
  • The "Font Size" allows you to specify the size of the text.
  • The "Alignment Type" allows you to specify if the text should be right alligned, center or left alligned.